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Help reach out to DFWO non-complying businesses!

There have been more reports of confusion and lack of compliance with the new Disposable Foodware Ordinance (a.k.a. Bill 40). Below is an e-mail you can use to send to businesses to provide information and support around this law. We understand restaurants have had a tough time since COVID and many may not have had the time to make the proper transitions. Please communicate with compassion and compassion. Feel free to copy and paste and adapt the below template e-mail to restaurants on Oahu.


[Customizable paragraph- insert here! Add details accordingly to fit your situation. Example: “I am a frequent customer of your business and have noticed that you are (using plastic bags, automatically giving out service ware without asking customers, e.g.) which violates the DFWO19-30 and can incur your business a fine of up to $1000."]

The DFWO 19-30 (Disposable Foodware Ordinance), went into effect on April 1.  Per City law, you should be ceasing the use of any disposable plastic bags with handles and instead using paper or reusable bags (handles okay) and charging a minimum of 15 cents for each bag. In addition, businesses are prohibited from distributing disposable petroleum-based plastic serviceware (including utensils, stirrers, straws)! Instead, you can offer paper or certified compostable utensils, stirrers, straws, and other serviceware. 

For all of these items (bags, utensils, stirrers, straws), they should only be given to customers upon request only. This will save your business a lot of money. You simply need to ask if they need these items before finalizing an order. Many online menus also include this option that customers can select to request them.

the 1st phase of implementation was delayed from January 1 to April 1, 2021.

Like previously mentioned, if you do not comply with the ordinance your restaurant can incur a fine of up to $1,000!  Please know that all distributors offer the paper and compostable options that are compliant, and we would love to see you transition! Sustainable Island Products is one distributor that we recommend, as they are a local company that exclusively offers compostable and reusable products for businesses.

If you need more information or extra support, visit the City's website on the ordinance or contact the City's Recycling Branch at or (808) 768-3200 ext. 6.

Thank you