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Surfer with waves in the background

Meet The Oʻahu Team

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. There are 80 chapters and 100 youth clubs in the Surfrider network. The O’ahu Chapter is one of the most active chapters in the Surfrider network.


With only two staff across the State of Hawai’i, Surfrider’s work is largely made possible by the work of incredible volunteers on our Executive Committee and Core Volunteer network.


Because the O’ahu Chapter is one of the most active in the country, it is supported by a Chapter Coordinator (one of only a handful in the country) and a Hawai’i Regional Manager, supporting all four chapters in Hawai’i.

photo of chapter coordinator, Keili

Oʻahu Chapter Coordinator

Keili McEvilly


headshot of regional manager, Lauren Blickley

Hawaiʻi Regional Manager

Lauren Blickley

Executive Commitee

The Surfrider O’ahu Executive Committee (EC) is our volunteer-based Board. The EC is made up of core volunteers who are dedicated to the Surfrider mission. They give an incredible amount of hours and are the decision-making foundation for the chapter. EC terms are two years and are elected positions.

headshot of chapter chair, Elizabeth Benycheck

Oʻahu Chair

Elizabeth Benycheck


headshot of chapter vice chair, Brittany Kamai

Oʻahu Vice Chair

Brittany Kamai


headshot of chapter secretary, Jen Ballou

Oʻahu Secretary

Jen Ballou


headshot of chapter treasurer, Jay Whelen

Oʻahu Treasurer

Jay Whelen


headshot of chapter beach protection coordinator, Mike Foley

Oʻahu Beach Protection Coordinator

Mike Foley


headshot of chapter policy coordinator,Camile Cleveland

Oʻahu Policy Coordinator

Camile Cleveland 


headshot of chapter outreach coordinator, Natalie Wohner

Oʻahu Outreach Coordinator

Natalie Wohner


Committee Leadership

Surfrider O’ahu is made up of various programs and committees that are the heart of our organization. Our committee leads are all volunteers, who give their time to make our work successful.

headshot of BWTF coordinator, Dan

Blue Water Task Force Co-Coordinator

Daniel Amato


headshot of BWTF coordinator, Arleen

Blue Water Task Force Co-Coordinator

Arleen Velasco


headshot of OFR coordinator, Ryan

Ocean Friendly Restaurants Coordinator

Ryan Dadds


headshot of social media coordinator, Brittany

Social Media Coordinator

Brittany Craig


headshot of campaign coordinator, Maria

Campaign Coordinator

Maria Lujan


Join the Team!

Weʻre looking for....


Volunteer Coordinator: Connect interested volunteers, create newsletters, and grow our activist network! 

Content Creator: Create posters and digital social media about events, programs, and campaigns

Grants Coordinator: Locate and apply for grants to support our work

Public Relations Coordinator: Connect with local media for press releases and interviews

Social Media Assistant: Help us stay engaged and active on our socials! (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Tabeling Coordinator: Represent Surfrider at influential events and share SF knowledge with the community!

OFR assistants: Help Ryan out, check in with local OFRʻs and keep them psyched on the program

Merchandise Coordinator: Manage orders and deliveries of our latest and greatest SF merch

Youth Clubs Coordinator (seasonal): Share the SF mission with the keiki and communicate with active clubs












Sound like you?

Send your resume and brief description of why you want to join to Sarah at