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Environmental Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Surfrider Volunteers holding signs for justice at red hill rally

Our Commitment

We deeply believe that justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) is vital in our work to effectively advocate for our coasts. We are making the following commitments to elevate these values in our work, both internally and externally.

Protection & Enjoyment of our Ocean, Waves, & Beaches for ALL People.

We must make these changes to further improve the work of Surfrider and share equitably in the wealth, joy, and benefits of healthy and vibrant coastal communities. To achieve that outcome, we will pursue:

  • (Environmental) Justice: In consultation and partnership with marginalized communities, consider the potential impacts of our work as it relates to advancing environmental laws, regulations, and policy justice outcomes for these communities. Actively seek out, listen, support, and amplify mission-relevant issues that impact these communities and understand our shared challenges.  
  • Equity: Within our network (staff, chapters, clubs, and board of directors), equity means everyone has an equal chance at an opportunity, whether in hiring, board appointments, promotion, or professional development training. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.
  • Diversity: The Surfrider Foundation will strive to ensure individuals from a  wide range of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds with different lifestyles, experiences, and interests, are hired, contracted, and engaged as volunteers to represent the organization.  
  • Inclusion: The Surfrider Foundation will continually work to ensure that all staff, volunteers, network members, and prospective network members feel welcome and that they belong. All of our leaders and employees will demonstrate behaviors that allow diverse perspectives, opinions, and experiences to be elevated, heard, appreciated, and recognized.

How can you help promote JEDI values?

JEDI values start within your own circle! 

  • Expand & Diversify: gaining new perspectives & embracing differences. 
  • Recognize environmental injustice within your community.
  • Call out systemic racism and work to remove any institutional barriers that add layers of disadvantage to any and all communities.
  • Promote openness and tackle microaggressions.
  • See something? Say something. Reach out to about any JEDI-related issues in your coastal community. 
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