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04 • 15 • 2013

University of Hawaii Bans EPS Foam on Campus

In the Fall of 2012, a campaign was launched to ban the use of EPS foam (styrofoam) at the Univ. of Hawaii's Manoa campus dining locations. The UH Quad Club started a petition that was signed by students, faculty and staff, and then the Oahu Chapter's RAP Coordinator set up meetings with the Chancellor, creating both a bottom-up and top-down approach. Through the petition campaign and collaboration with students, faculty, staff, and administration, UH Manoa is now going foam-free! The approved policy encourages the use of reusable and compostable products, and it bans EPS foam from being used by new or existing vendors (when they renew their current contracts). This a momentous victory for the sustainability movement at UH Manoa, Surfrider's UH Manoa Quad Club and members of the Oahu Chapter, who all played a big role in the activism and organizing that fueled the campaign. Please see the following link to see the official policy passed in April 2013: