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They are how we protect our special coastal places

05 • 05 • 2014

Kakaako Makai Saved—Again!

In 2006, the Oahu Chapter joined a coalition of groups called Save Our Kakaako to stop the construction of luxury high-rise condo towers on the public land of Kakaako Makai.  The Coalition then helped pass a law preventing any future residential development in Kakaako.  This was a huge victory, preserving the last stretch of coastline and open space along Honolulu's South Shore.  But in Jan. of 2014, legislators introduced a bill that would allow the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) to develop three high-rise towers in the area.  This was part of a special exemption deal they made with OHA with the support of the Governor and many politicians.  Chapter leaders met with OHA members and explained that though they supported their organization in general, we could not support this unlawful exemption. The Coalition reunited once again, and the Oahu Chapter fought hard to protect the law we had helped pass in 2006.  Although it looked grim at times, legislators eventually upheld the law not allowing any residential development in this last portion of open space along Honolulu's South Shore.