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Kahala Beach Access Preserved!

09 • 14 • 2018

Kahala Beach Access Preserved!

To make sure that the public has access to the shoreline in front of the Kahala Resort.

he Kahala Hotel (Resort Trust Hawaii LLC) in Honolulu has been trying to renew a revocable permit and request a permanent easement for commercial activities on an acre of public land in front of their resort.  The Oahu Chapter joined a coalition of groups opposing the permit because the owners have been holding many profitable and illicit commercial activities on this shoreline to benefit their guests, and only recently posted signs showing that the area was free for public access.  The Oahu Chapter helped educate our members about the issue and sent in a letter of opposition to the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR).  On Sept. 14th, the Board declined to renew the revocable permit or grant a permanent easement.