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Community Stops HPV—Haleiwa Plantation Village!

08 • 04 • 2017

Community Stops HPV—Haleiwa Plantation Village!

Surfrider helps stop a developer's attempts to build a new housing development on ag land.

Grassroots organizers on the North Shore asked Surfrider's Oahu Chapter to help stop a controversial new housing development called the Haleiwa Plantation Village (HPV).  The proposed project was developed by Scott Wallace, the heir to the Wallace Theater movie chain, who wanted to develop 29 new homes on land that was designated for agriculture.  Wallace was asking the Honolulu City Council to rezone the area to residential so he could develop his new HPV housing project.  But during a special City Council session, more than 300 local citizens turned out to oppose the development.  Surfrider's former intern and current law student Mike Biechler gave extensive testimony on the legal reasons why the proposal should not be approved due to problems with rezoning, water runoff and Wallace's proposed injection well to deal with wastewater.  For these reasons and more, the Council unanimously opposed Wallace's efforts to rezone the land and build his new housing development. HPV blocked!