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The island of O‘ahu is facing pressure of increasing development and impervious surfaces, introduction of chemical pesticides and herbicides, increased waste streams, and the impacts of overburdened and failing waste water infrastructure. The Surfrider Foundation’s O‘ahu Chapter (SFO) is concerned about the potentially damaging impacts to both human health and ecological communities from these accelerating detrimental inputs to our water systems.

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As a result of this concern, this project has been designed to study the potential presence and concentration of a suite of 126 EPA identified priority pollutants in the nearshore marine environment of the Hawaiian Island of O‘ahu as well as the presence of bacterial contamination, and general water chemistry.

Given the rapid expansion of O‘ahu’s infrastructure, and growth in agriculture, tourism, and urban development, the island has struggled to understand, track, and manage the inputs of pollutants into water bodies. SFO’s goal for this project is to work as a collaborative partner with Federal, State and County agencies to supplement their data for water quality. Our efforts are designed to help fill gaps in knowledge and provide our regulatory bodies with information that will identify water quality impairments and improve our island’s ability to identify and fix sources of pollution and ultimately comply with Clean Water Act (CWA) standards for both public health protection and support of healthy coastal ecosystems.

Useful Resources

HIDOH CWB Water Quality Reporting

Environmental Microbiology Section Water Unit

Multi-Incremental Sampling Procedures


The documentation below is designed to be a reference section for our Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) which we have created in order to make our data legitimate and legally defensible. This means that data collected can be used for scientific purposes and to inform decision makers on the state of our island’s water with the intent of creating meaningful action. The below pdf images (which are all clickable to their full versions) are pieces of the appendices to our QAPP and will provide reference for those interested in Water Quality monitoring protocol.

Testing & Pollutants

Multi-Incremental Sampling Procedures

EPA Priority Pollutants

Clean Water Act Priority Pollutant Detection Limits (from HAR 11-54)

Environmental Microbiology Section Water Unit

Documents Specific to Hawai‘i

2014 State of Hawai‘i Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

Hawai‘i Administrative Rules 11-54

Hawai‘i Administrative Rules 11-55

Hawai‘i Beach Monitoring Quality Assurance Project Plan

Hawai‘i Beach Sampling Protocol

Test America Documentation

Test America Sample Handling Guide

Test America Irvine SOP

Test America Sacramento SOP

Test America Packing Instructions

Test America Chain of Custody