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Cesspools SB2567

Oxybenzone SB2571

Foam Ban SB2498

You can call to support these bills and request that they get heard:
Chair Luke’s office: 808-586-6200
“Hi my name is ________ and I’m calling in support of SB ________ and would like to request that it get heard by the finance committee as soon as possible. This bill has had strong support from the community and deserves to be heard by its last committee. Thank you!”
Here are the emails of the Chair, Vice Chair and a sample start to the email:
Aloha Chair Luke & Vice Chair Cullen,
As a citizen of Hawaii who cares deeply about our marine and coastal environments, I am very happy to see that SB________ (bill number) has made its way to your committee as its hopeful final stop before the governor signs this into law. I am kindly urging you to add this to a FIN hearing agenda as soon as possible so we can continue to show up and share the importance of this in our communities. My hope is that the overwhelming public support from constituents, restaurants, businesses in the tourism industry, and many others is heard and we can move to make our State a leader in sustainability on issues of ocean protection.
I am concerned about foam pollution/cesspools/Oxybenzone pollution because______________________. (your personal experience)..

Visit our Civics is Sexy page for more information and to learn to get involved in the legislative process.

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