Surfrider Monthly Meetings


Surfrider Monthly Meetings: Wednesday June 3rd from 6:30 – 8:30 PM – Protohub Honolulu, 458 Keawe St.

This month we are till focusing on the beginnings of our Blue Water Task Force, having a community discussion about recent water contamination in Kaka‘ako, preparing for our a fantastic International Surfing Day event days, and opening volunteer opportunities for this Saturday’s World’s Ocean Day. We’ll also be featuring Guest Speaker Lauren Wetzell and her talk: “Preparing the Next Generation for Climate Change (Pacific Island focused)”

Biography: Lauren Wetzell has spent over eight years in the Pacific region helping communities learn how to conserve and protect their natural resources and foster sustainability. Ms. Wetzell became familiar with geographic and cultural landscapes of Polynesia, serving in disaster, risk, reduction management, and academic roles in Hawaii, American Samoa, and New Zealand. She balances her technical and creative sides with her passion for using film as a tool to inspire environmental stewardship and social equality, and co-founded Pua Trees Productions, LLC, as a vehicle for these endeavors. Ms. Wetzell actively participates in her community by fostering aloha ‘āina and spends much of her free time connecting with the ocean. She has earned a BS and MS degree in Marine Science.


Check out Lauren’s Videography & Storytelling Work Here

Summary: Climate change is one of the largest global challenges facing the Pacific Islands and affects all aspects of life on our islands. Although adapting to climate change impacts is a complex task, early planning and comprehensive support will bring considerable advantages. Please join Ms. Wetzell as she shares her experiences in building local capacity for various islands in the Pacific region and learn how you can get involve to support locally based strategies for Hawaii.

After the Meeting you can always head over to Bevy Bar to hear one of Surfrider’s favorite musical supporters the Foreseeable Futures!