Oahu Chapter


Sponsor Surfrider O‘ahu

Our work is made possible with the support of our local business community. Through financial donations, in-kind donations, and volunteer hours, you can help make our programs and campaigns thrive. Your generosity in sponsorship is a foundation in fulfilling our mission to protect our ocean, waves, & beaches for generations into the future.

Contact us at oahu@surfrider.org if you are interested in donating to us or partnering with us.

Direct donations to Surfrider Oahu can be made easily through our Paypal here or by sending us a check to Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter, PO Box 283092, Honolulu, HI 96828.


With 12.1K followers on Instagram and 10k Likes on Facebook, along with 4.6K subscribers on our e-mail list, sponsors and partners can reach our network of ocean-lovers and surfers to promote your business and share your love for our ocean, beaches, and waves.

Beach Cleanups

Our large-scale beach cleanups are every month, at beaches across the island. Each cleanup brings in around 100-150 volunteers cleaning hundreds or thousands of pounds off our beaches. Beach cleanup sponsors can donate on the sliding scale of $500-$2000 depending on the size of the company. The allows sponsors to reach people through our social media channels, e-mail list, and on-site engagement at the cleanup itself.

Portion of Proceeds

Many businesses donate a portion of proceeds (e.g. 5% or 10% of sales) to Surfrider Foundation Oahu. This is an excellent way to support our work to protect the ocean and showcase your commitment to sustainability.

In-Kind Donations

As part of our events and outreach, we accept in-kind donations that we can offer as part of giveaways, silent auctions, and more.  Examples of in-kind donations include art pieces,  staycations, surfboards, and more.


In certain cases, businesses can offer a discount to our network of core volunteers and/or members for your products/services.

Connect With Us

If you are interested in any of the above options or want to explore other partnerships, please contact us at oahu@surfrider.org or marketing@oahu.surfrider.org. Mahalo!