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Ocean Friendly Gardens

Ocean Friendly Gardens

Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) is a program of Surfrider Foundation. From transforming backyards into permaculture gardens to maintaining an 11,000 sq ft garden in Kakaako, these projects offer a direct solution to stormwater runoff, which is the #1 source of ocean pollution in urban areas.

At the Oʻahu Chapter, we also promote the importance of local food security by growing trees and plants that produce healthy, local, and organic food for our communities, such as ʻulu (breadfruit), maiʻa (bananas), kalo (taro), and more.

Kakaʻako Ocean Friendly Garden

Our Kakaako Ocean Friendly Garden is an 11,000 square foot garden located across from the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). It is a lot donated to us from Kamehameha Schools where we are growing a large food forest and community gathering space.

 As a partnership between Surfrider Oahu and Permablitz Hawaiʻi, this garden has transformed from a  trash-filled lot into a beautiful thriving garden and a model for ocean protection and local food security.

This garden is also a memorial to Heather Riley, a volunteer and community member who loved to garden, play music, and create conscious events. Heather, her partner Gerrit, and their 2 friends, died in a small plane crash in 2017. This mural was created by Hilari Rose to honor her life.

Garden Workdays & Workshops

Check out our events calendar for future garden workdays and workshops.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@oahu.surfrider.org with questions on how to get more involved!

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Ocean Friendly Gardens

Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) revive our under-hydrated watersheds and polluted oceans by applying CPR – Conservation, Permeability and Retention – to our landscapes and hardscapes:

  • C – Conserve water and wildlife habitat with native or climate appropriate plants.
  • P – Permeable, living soil and hard surfaces that runoff to landscapes to filter pollutants, sponge up water for plants to tap into during dry months, and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • R – Retain rain as the first source of irrigation.


Surfrider Foundation & Permablitz Hawai‘i joined forces to form #Surfblitz, which transforms backyards from a monocrop of grass or a pile of weeds into a permaculture sanctuary that produces food, sequesters carbon, reduces stormwater runoff, and brings community together. Watch the video below to see more:

Together, Surfrider Oahu and Permablitz Hawaii leverage our volunteer networks to create edible gardens at peoples’ homes. The effort both protects our ocean from runoff and grows local food.

If you have a backyard you want to blitz, please use the intake form below to be considered for the next blitz. Minimum requirements are that you are a homeowner and that you can fund the costs of coordination and equipment (minimum $1500). We bring the volunteer force!