waterday2Honolulu, Oahu (March 24th, 2010): It’s World Water Week and we’ve got some awesome stuff for you to check out:

The Surfrider Foundation has just rolled out its newest program – Know Your H2O. Billed as the next step beyond Blue Water Task Force, Know Your H20 works to educate you on how you can reduce your water footprint and reduce point and non-point pollution. To help launch the program, Surfrider activists have produced a new film: “Cycle of Insanity: The Story of Water.” Check the film out here: www.knowyourh2o.org.

Surfrider Oahu’s own Sheila Sarhangi, who heads up our Rise Above Plastics campaign, shares five simple ways to protect our planet this year in Honolulu Magazine. Check out her piece here: http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/January-2009/Simple-Steps/

TransWorld Surf Magazine also has its Surfrider issue out now. Inside find 101 tips on how to save our oceans, and five fights we need to win: http://surf.transworld.net/1000098722/features/the-surfrider-issue-5-fights-we-need-to-win/