Aloha Oahu Surfriders, do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes during the legislative process? So many of us think we have participated when we cast a vote, but to truly change these islands to a sustainable paradise that incorporates our unique blend of culture, natural resources, and recreation we all need to do more. This Saturday January 17th from 9AM-2:30Pm we’ll be sponsoring a workshop at the Hawai‘i State Capitol room 325. A wide variety of communities and organizations will be sharing information on upcoming legislation for this years session and we will have an interactive agenda designed to teach you about the process from bill creation to testifying in front of a panel of legislatures.

Please join us for this unique opportunity to empower our communities – reserve your free ticket here

Lunch will be provided and we want to ask you to bring your computers, tablets, and internet ready devices to follow along with us.

Hope to see you there and contact Rafael at for more information.


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