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Save Laniakea (Lani's): Stop the Barricade!

05 • 15 • 2019

Save Laniakea (Lani's): Stop the Barricade!

Restore Beach Access at Lani's!

In a misguided effort to reduce traffic, the Hawaii Dept. of Transportation (DOT) installed barricades blocking the Laniakea Support Park across from Laniakea Beach (aka, Lani's). This action prevented all parking on the inland side of the road, thereby blocking beach access to one of the most popular beaches on Oahu’s North Shore. DOT could have used existing laws and ordinances to prevent tour buses and vans from stopping by the side of the road (which is the real problem). But instead, they tried to block all parking and access to a public park and preventing law-abiding citizens and tourists alike from visiting their favorite beach and surf spot. So the Oahu Chapter set up an Action Alert / Petition to demand that DOT find a better solution than barricading access to a public park and one of the North Shore’s best beaches and surf spots. With each signature, emails were sent to the offices of Gov. Abercrombie, Mayor Caldwell, the state reps, County Council Members and the DOT Director.  With the help of local organizations and legal experts, our coalition was able to block DOT's use of the barriers.  Parking and beach access were restored to the area.