Oahu Chapter

Bill 40 Resources for Restaurants

Suggestions to fix common problems when making the switch:

Problem: Disposable menus
Solution: QR code or chalkboard menus

Practical Ways To Use QR Codes - TidBITS
See https://konabrewingco.com/ or https://deckwaikiki.com/ for examples of restaurants employing these tools successfully!

Problem: Disposable bags, straws, condiments, napkins, utensils, and straws
Solution(s): Offer them all ‘upon request’
Create a menu item for each one, ex: ‘Utensils $0’
Put up an in house sign reading ‘only upon request’

Follow Zippy’s lead and add a space to update consumers to the new policies!
For another great example check out https://www.tanevegan.com/

Problem: Disposable coffee cups
Solution(s): discount for bringing their own cup
In house signs and/or social media advertisements

Many coffee shops in Honolulu do this already- and Alii Coffee offers refills!

Even during COVID-19 shops have found ways to continue with reusables in a safe and easy way. This video by City to Sea is a great example!