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Beach Protection

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Our Beach Protection Work

Our Beach Protection program is focused on protecting beaches, which are unique coastal environments with tremendous ecological, recreational and economic value. Beaches are a public resource and should be held in the public trust. The Surfrider Foundation works proactively to protect beaches and to ensure beach access is granted to all people.

The Oahu Chapter is generally opposed to building sea walls, rock groins and any kind of armoring of the shoreline because it leads to dramatic erosion as can be seen in Lanikai Beach. Due to seawall construction, Oahu is estimated to have experienced beach loss of more than 25% and Maui has lost more than 20%.

The Surfrider Foundation supports coastal research and science-based management of coastal resources to promote sustainable, long term planning and preservation of beach environments, including public access, which is threatened by overdevelopment and erosion.

Our Chair Ray Aivazian and resident Mike Plowman discussing the proposed 1500 ft seawall at ʻEwa Beach that Surfrider is opposing.

Current Campaigns (as of July 2020):
-Demanding an EIS to the Proposed 1500 ft Seawall at ʻEwa Beach – Read more here.
-Protecting the sand dunes at Wawamalu (near Sandy’s) from off-roading – Read more here.
-Demanding parking lots reopen at Koʻolina resort for public beach access – Read more here.

For more information, check out:
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2019 State of the Beach Report from Surfrider FoundationPhoto by Sean Davey
Photo by Sean Davey