Action Alerts

Oahu Foam Ban needs your help….

and here’s how to do it. 


  1. Step 1: Currently Bill 71 is stuck in the committee Public Works, Infrastructure & Sustainability & chaired by Council Member Carol Fukunaga. She needs to hear from you that Bill 71 has a right to be heard publicly! Call her at 808-768-5006 & Email at
  2. CC other council members, especially CM Pine ( who introduced this bill with the strong intent of reducing our waste on island.
  3. Write one two sentences about why you think it is important for Honolulu county to eliminate polystyrene foam! Use your personal experience and feel free to use some the talking points appropriate to your story that you can find by clicking the sample testimony buttons below.

Example: “Aloha Chair Fukunaga & members of the council, my name is _____________ and I would like to urge you to please hear Bill 71 in your committee as soon as possible. As an avid lover of the ocean I am greatly concerned with the amount plastic that we are seeing on our beaches that also harms our marine ecosystems. Polystyrene foam is one of the most common items I see and it should be our role as an island community to be the leader in plastic prevention, not cleanup. Our future generations depend on us to make a sustainable world a reality now. Mahalo for your time and consideration.”